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Why I am running

posted Oct 15, 2009, 4:00 PM by Doug Roberts   [ updated Nov 25, 2014, 5:05 AM ]

Dear Fellow Greenporters,


I announce my intention to run for Greenport Village Board this coming March.  It's fitting that our representatives in Village Hall are called "Trustees."  I am running for Trustee because I want to restore trust between Greenporters and their government.  We live in an amazing place that has been recognized in national travel publications as one of the best towns to visit in the nation, and we all see with our own eyes the huge volume of visitors drawn to our waterfront park and streets in the summer months.  Such a place deserves leadership that works tirelessly to solve problems and improve life for the people who live here.  I will bring the same creativity, energy, and tenacity to our Village Government that I bring to my professional career as an entrepreneur and consultant in educational technology.  As your Trustee, I will work to:  


·       Ensure that all of our parks are clean, safe, up-to-date, and equipped with appropriate bathroom facilities.

·       Institute proactive and frequent communication between the Village Government and those we serve in the Community, including a website overhaul, an active social media presence, and the option for Villagers to opt-in to an email list that I will personally compile and deliver to the Village Clerk

·       Seek grant and other outside funding to improve our roads and sidewalks without creating undue burden on our taxpayers

·       Ensure that Greenporters can remain Greenporters in the face of the increased cost of living and real estate prices that come with our newfound popularity, which includes fighting to keep R-2 zoning throughout the village so that affordable housing is available and so that those who own 2-unit homes can earn rental income to make ends meet.

·       Seek alternative forms of revenue to support Village programs, including establishing a 501(c)3 foundation to support our parks and educational programs.

·       Ensure continuance of our after-school and summer educational programs available to village children and youth, and seek new and innovative ways of educating local kids in these programs using technology and the living classroom that is our waterfront and harbor.

·       Increase the role and voice in our government of the growing number of young families raising children in Greenport.


My wife, Mary, and I came to Greenport 8 years ago to settle down in this idyllic, seaside town, and we continue to fall more and more in love with the village every day, especially now that we are raising our baby Porter, Sarah Kelsey, here (GHS Class of 2023!). 


I am running for Village Board because I want to help, because I think my skills and experiences as a teacher and as a private sector executive will be an asset to the Board's work, and because I think our government can do a better job at listening to and communicating with the voters in this Village.  I look forward to listening to your ideas and thoughts throughout the campaign and for the next 4 years as your Trustee.  


Vote Roberts and We Are Greenport on March 18!  Voter Registration at Village Hall March 5 and 7.


I'd love to hear from you, and I promise to respond to all outreach.  You can email me at, find me on Twitter @wearegreenport, or like We Are Greenport on Facebook.  And if you find me knocking on your door soon, I hope you'll open up and chat with me.


Thank you for reading this and I look forward to earning your trust and support.