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Peconic Landing Sewer Discount?

posted Feb 17, 2015, 5:42 PM by Doug Roberts
According to all the records I've found, Greenport has charged $15,000 per housing unit to hook up to our sewer system since at least the mid-2000s.   

Tonight at the Village Board's Work Session, we learned that we've offered Peconic Landing the opportunity to expand its current sewer hookup footprint to an additional 78 units for $720K.  You don't need to have a Ph.D in mathematics to see that apparently we've dropped our price for sewer hookups from $15K to about $9200. And there was no objection from any of our current Trustees. Approximately $468K in potential revenue to the Village, and no explanation, no objection, nothing. Perhaps there is a good reason why we need to to eat the $468K, but if there is, nobody is sharing this with the public. And since we're not allowed to comment at Work Sessions, none of us could inquire about the issue tonight.

We need to end all the secrecy and mysteries. We need to provide the public with answers when we forego $468K in revenue that could be used to improve infrastructure or fix some roads.  

We need a Trustee who will hit the ceiling when a Mayor announces that we've negotiated against ourselves to offer a deep discount to a sewer customer. Please vote on March 18 and let's take back our Village.